Holly J. Sinclair is portrayed as rude, sarcastic, and sometimes cruel to other students at Degrassi, but she is also insecure and is sometimes hurt by others' opinions towards her. She is unseen character, Heather Sinclair's younger sister. She insists on being called Holly J. rather than Holly. She developed a crush on Toby Isaacs after he tutors her in season 7, but their relationship was short lived. She was best friends with Anya MacPherson until Anya realized how abusive Holly J. was towards her. She starts dating Blue Chessex in season 8, but she is rejected after she loses her virginity to him, causing her to feel negative about herself. She becomes best friends with Jane Vaughn, and is the one to reveal to Jane that Spinner did not make it into the police academy. She reveals that she loves Spinner after he is shot by a robber at The Dot, but he nicely rejects her feelings at the hospital. She gets back with Blue after he saves her life at the robbery. She breaks up with him at the beginning of season 9, because he tries to change her. She develops a crush on Declan Coyne and finds out that Jane is cheating on Spinner with him, but she convinces Jane to break up with Declan because she will break Spinner's heart. Holly J. eventually starts dating Declan. She tells him she loves him after they almost have sex, but he doesn't reply. After his mom tells him and Fiona that they're moving back to New York, Fiona is the one to tell Holly J. in spite of her hatred towards her. Holly J. walks in on Declan convincing his mom to let him stay with Holly J., and he finally tells Holly J. he loves her.
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Holly J.