Alli is Sav's younger sister and Clare Edward's best friend. She is rebellious against her conservative Muslim upbringing. She develops a crush on Johnny and asks him out, but she's rejected because she's in the ninth grade. They start dating secretly until their cover is blown by Holly J., resulting with Johnny breaking up with Alli. She makes an "I Hate Holly J." group online that gets her in trouble with her parents and the police. She eventually gets back with Johnny and they have sex. She breaks up with him, because of the discomfort of having sex, but they get back together when he tells her that he wanted to wait until she was ready again and that she was the first girl he has been with. She is spat on and pushed by Connor who is found to have mild Asperger syndrome. In season 9, they ultimately break up after Johnny sends a nude picture of Alli to Bruce the Moose. It is revealed that Johnny found a genital wart on his penis and that Alli was not the first girl he has been with. Alli and Jenna try to get revenge on him by tricking him into announcing it to the school, but he says 'Alli is the only girl he'll ever want', instead. Alli confronts him and tells him she can never be with someone she couldn't trust, resulting in their ultimate break up. Alli becomes jealous of Jenna when she becomes close with Clare, but the three eventually become friends until Jenna steals K.C. from Clare. During season 9, she befriends Dave, who teaches her that


doesn't control her feelings and to be herself.
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