Daughter of Christine "Spike" Nelson (who gave birth to Emma in between the second and third season of Degrassi Junior High) and is best friends with Manny Santos throughout the show's entire run. Emma is smart, determined, and idealistic, sometimes to a fault. She champions broad causes such as protecting the environment, boycotting genetically modified food, and she even goes nude for a cause in season 7. Archie "Snake" Simpson marries her mom in season 2, much to the discomfort that she eventually overcomes. She dates Sean Cameron from season 1 to 3. She contracts gonorrhea after giving Jay Hogart a blowjob in season 4. She develops an eating disorder and is diagnosed as anorexic in season 5. She rekindles her relationship with Sean and even has a pregnancy scare in season 6. Sean leaves for Afghanistan instead of attending college, resulting with their ultimate break up. She starts dating Damian in season 7, until he cheats on her with Liberty Van Zandt. She graduates Degrassi and attends Smithdale University with Manny and Liberty. She starts dating roommate Kelly after he nullified the 'no dating roommates' rule. She puts her and her roommates' stay at Smithdale University at risk when she bakes weed brownies. Kelly took the blame and was forced to leave the residence hall. She appears in season 9 on a recycling tour and it is revealed that she has gone from being a vegetarian to being vegan. Kelly breaks up with her after taking a job with his dad, as well as Emma being too controlling. She isn't doing well in school and decides to take a break from university.


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